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Our Story
Charlie's Crackle Corn is a family owned business based in Denver Colorado, nestled at the foot of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Our hope is that our unique caramel corn takes on the flavor and texture that our Rockies inspire in us. We are a small company that pops the corn, creates the caramel, hand tosses the popcorn with the caramel, and hand packs each bag of Crackle Corn so you can enjoy it as much as we do. We use only Organic, Non- GMO popcorn, popped in Organic, Non-GMO Canola Oil. All of the ingredients we use in the caramel are also Organic. We want our Crackle Corn to be as healthy as possible.  Flying is also one of our passions and we have loved incorporating our love for creating Crackle Corn with our love for flying when we set up our booth at airshows around the country. Our hope is that our delicious, gooey, irresistible Crackle Corn will be flying all over the world and into homes for celebrations, holidays, and just for munching on every day.


  • Denver, CO, USA